Sad to be leaving WordPress…

I am disappointed to say that just after a brief time with WordPress, I have decided to close down my blog and switch to Blogger. For a gal that loves to share her news but isn’t real computer savvy, Blogger is much more user friendly for me! Please check out my new blog at Hope to see you there for more fun and crafty ideas to share!


My Donation to “Beads of Courage”

I am thrilled to be able to share with you that I am making a donation of my paper beads to the “Beads of Courage” organization! I first discovered them when they were featured on King 5 television ( Seattle)! They were at the Children’s Hospital conducting a workshop with the children undergoing treatments for very serious childhood diseases, cancers, etc. The children got to choose a bead for each appointment they went to, each treatment they had, everything relating to their illness and WOW! some beautiful necklaces were being made! Some of the beads were so very unique, even some that had been in space!
I was so touched by this story that I wanted to do something to help so I contacted “Beads of Courage” through twitter and asked if they would be able to accept a donation of paper beads. Much to my surprise, I received a reply over the weekend of YES! I was so thrilled to be able to donate to such a worthy cause that I began right away making beads in colors I thought would appeal to the kids and also in a size I thought might work best for them! I just began last night so I do have a ways to go but I can’t stop smiling about it! I am just so happy to be doing this and I wanted to share it with you! Have a great rest of the weekend! Happy Crafting!

Super Fun Magnet Clothespins!

Super Fun Magnet Clothespins!

I make a lot of these magnets for my craft bazaars but they are super fun and easy to make!
Clothespins are so inexpensive to purchase and the magnet tape can also be purchased in sheets at Walmart, Michaels and various craft outlets! Don’t forget your glue gun and modge podge!
I’ve chosen a supercute red chili pepper design for this one! After measuring and cutting the paper down, I modge podged over the top to seal the paper. I then added the magnet strip to the back of the clothes pin with a glue gun and whamo!!! There you have a beautiful clothespin magnet you can use for anything! In the kitchen, in a teen’s locker, a great hostess gift, you name it:) Have fun and Happy Crafting!

One of my more original projects!

One of my more original projects!

This is really what my love of papercrafts began with!
I LOVE making paper bag books! Have you ever tried them? I now by my bags by the case at our local cash and carry. They really aren’t that expensive so needless to say 500 bags last a long time! I have made so many themes but this particular one is dear to my heart since I’ve recently lost my younger sister to cancer. These books are made with 6 pages, both double sided with a scrapbook paper that matches the theme. Each bag has a journal card to document your thoughts or add additional memories! I love to make them for my craft bazaars but also as gifts for friends as well! Happy crafting:)

My lastest passion!

beads #1 006

Hello Crafties!
This is my latest passion…Paper Beads! Have you ever tried them? I have really gotten hooked on these and now sell selected paper bead items on my Etsy shop at When I first learned of the craft, I used toothpicks and ear swabs to roll the beads but I found that rather frustrating as I had a hard time getting my paper strips to stay. I’ve since discovered paper bead rollers and WOW! what a difference using a bead roller makes! So much easier and faster as well! My husband makes them for me and they are also offered in my Etsy shop! What type of paper do I use you ask???? Well I have used so many different types, including the following: magazines, catalogs, scrapbook paper (one of my favorites to use!), wall paper. I have been able to obtain soooo many wallpaper sample books from local paint stores! They give the old ones away and they are fairly easy find! Wallpaper is easy to roll and very sturdy! Well I suppose I ought to get back to my bead rolling for tonight so until next time, happy crafting:)